This portfolio demonstrates my versatility as a usability-driven front-end developer. The portfolio is designed to show my significant strengths in site development, as well as strong skills in hand-coded HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and site optimization.

As a freelance developer, I’ve developed web solutions for many clients, including Wieck Media, Modmix Martinis, and the Harris County Toll Road Authority. On the pages you’ll see here, I hand-wrote the HTML and JavaScript from the designer’s mockups using only a text editor. Further, I sliced and optimized the images from the composites.

Click any of the thumbnails below to see the page full-size. With each page opening in a popup window, you’ll see that it’s easy to navigate your way back to this index page at any time. Because front-end development is my craft, I encourage you to “View Source” on any of these pages, including this one.

My resume is available in the following formats:
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Ashley Bischoff 12660 Hillcrest Rd. No. 7105 Dallas, TX 75230 (469) 569-7421

Modmix Martinis | Lead Developer

Screenshot: Modmix Screenshot: Modmix | Lavendar Lemonade Screenshot: Modmix | Buzz

Wieck Media | Lead Developer

Screenshot: Wieck Media Screenshot: Wieck Media | Clients Screenshot: Wieck Media | Case Histories - Pinehurts Resort

Harris County Toll Road Authority | Lead Developer

Screenshot: HCTRA — Harris County Toll Road Authority Screenshot: EZ TAG Stores — Harris County Toll Road Authority Screenshot: Construction & Enginerring Harris County Toll Road Authority