Van Hagar Out, Van Roth In?

For those unfamiliar with the band’s history, Van Halen’s history of lead singers roughly follows this sequence: David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth, Gary Cherone, and Sammy Hagar. Now, some fans mock the Hagar years, referring to the band of that time period as Van Hagar. I, on the other hand, didn’t mind Hagar that much. I mean, sure, I probably preferred Roth, but I don’t mind him in the least on those days when I’m listening to For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge or other Hagar-voiced albums.

There’re rumors now, however, that Roth could return to the band:

Rumors continue to swirl that original singer David Lee Roth, who was replaced by Hagar in the mid-1980s, will return to the fold, despite years of enmity. Roth, who has recently worked as a radio DJ and a paramedic, told in May that he saw it “absolutely as an inevitability.”

“I’m telling Dave, ‘Dude, get your ass up here and sing, bitch! Come on!’” Eddie told Guitar World. “As it stands right now, the ball is in Dave's court. Whether he wants to rise to the ocassion is entirely up to him, but we’re ready to go.” […]

I dig the band and just about any avenue which leads to more axe shredding is a-ok with me. Just along as it doesn’t involve Gary Cherone — that man can only be described as Van Halen’s George Lazenby.

Tab Key Not Working in Firefox?

A few days ago, my tab key stopped working in Firefox. I use tab all the time to move through form fields, so that perplexed me a bit. I had a hunch, though, that one of my extensions might have been causing the mischief. Sure enough, after checking the Firefox forums at MozillaZine, I discovered that Paste and Go was the culprit.

After I disabled that guy, things went back to normal — I guess that one of the extension’s recent updates broke something. So, if your tab key has been acting up too, that could be worth a try. (For those who may be curious, Paste and Go adds an item to the URL bar’s context menu which allows you to paste from a URL from the clipboard and load it in one step.)

$100 Rebate on Mac Office

I’ve discovered that Microsoft is offering a $100 rebate on Office for Mac until January 16th, 2007. This is for Office 2004, the current version, but it also makes me wonder if Microsoft might be planning to release a new version soon. (I know that Office 2007 for PCs is on its way, but I’m not sure if Microsoft has similar plans for Macs.)

To be sure, the $100 savings isn’t the same across the product line — for instance, Office upgrades get a $50 rebate while academic versions get a $15 rebate. In any case, NewEgg has Office 2004 for Mac for $249; with an after-rebate price of $149, that’s not too bad. Then again, NewEgg also has the OEM version of Office 2004 for Mac for $184, so that may be an option if you miss out on the rebate but you're still looking to buy Office.

US Getting Accessible Money, Maybe

ABC News is reporting that a US District judge has ordered the Treasury Department to look into means to allow people who are blind to differentiate between various bills:

U.S. District Judge James Robertson ordered the Treasury Department to come up with ways for the blind to tell bills apart. He said he wouldn’t tell officials how to fix the problem, but he ordered them to begin working on it.

The American Council of the Blind has proposed several options, including printing bills of differing sizes, adding embossed dots or foil to the paper or using raised ink.

“Of the more than 180 countries that issue paper currency, only the United States prints bills that are identical in size and color in all their denominations,” Robertson wrote. “More than 100 of the other issuers vary their bills in size according to denomination, and every other issuer includes at least some features that help the visually impaired.” […]

The “maybe” part is that the government has 10 days to decide whether to appeal. And, considering the magnitude of the case, I’m not ruling out that possibility. Still, I think this would be a good change and I hope it goes forward.

Turn Cheese Into AA Frequent Flier Miles

Kottke is reporting on a promotion by Swiss Knight cheese where they're offering 500 American Airlines frequent flier miles with the purchase of each cheese wheel.

Now the big thing is cheese. This weekend I was handed an opened wheel of processed cheeses by a friend. He said that his brother-in-law had caught wind of a frequent flyer promotion whereby you get 500 miles for each purchase of this cheese wheel and had purchased 75,000 miles for ~$300, which also means he’s got more opened cheese wheels than he knows what to do with. […]

I may just have to stop by the supermarket on the way home from work this evening ;). (And, it certainly doesn’t hurt that DFW Airport is one of American Airlines’ hubs.) [Via: BoingBoing]

Update 2006-11-29: I checked the Albertson's just off Arapaho & Hillcrest on my way home from work last night, but I couldn’t find any Swiss Knight products :-/. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Albertson’s as a chain doesn’t carry them, but I didn’t see any at that store.