About the Site

Hand Coding is run primarily by Ashley Bischoff (that would be me). I’m a front-end web developer specializing in (X)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I take pride in writing XHTML-compliant code, and I’m a standards nut in general. If you would like to hire me, my portfolio and resume are online as well.

“Hand Coding”?

“Hand Coding”, if you’re not familiar with the term, describes writing code from scratch (without the aid of code auto-generators). In my case, of course, that refers to writing XHTML/CSS/JavaScript code. I’m not against the idea of an HTML Editor, per se, but I haven’t found any yet that can generate valid XHTML 1.1 code (and I’m not holding my breath, either).


Defenestration” is an “act of throwing someone or something out of a window”. The coinage of the term “refenestration” is from the “Puma Man” episode of MST3K where the main character is being pushed (by his sidekick) into one of the bad guy’s first-story windows and Tom Servo exclaims, “Look, they’re refenestrating him!”. All right, so the episode itself wasn’t stellar, but that line gave me a real chuckle.

Contacting Ashley

You’re welcome to add comments to any of my blog entries or e-mail me. More contact information (including my address and phone number) are on my portfolio page.