Omelette Success

I made an omelette on Sunday morning and, unlike my last attempt, this one turned out much better. I used four eggs (well, two whole eggs and two egg whites) and they were very fresh as I had bought them only a day or two before (last time, the eggs may have been a couple weeks old).

To start, I placed a small amount of butter in the pan and then turned up the heat (instead of turning up the heat and then putting in the butter, which only resulted in a fizzled brown mess last time). The butter didn’t seem to coat evenly, so I added a touch of olive oil for good measure.

Just as the directions had said, I had previously mixed the eggs and I was careful not to overmix. I also added about a handful of shredded cheese that I found in the fridge (don’t worry, Jason, I’ve bought some more shredded cheese).

The pan may have been a bit on the small side, so the egg-mix filled it easily. I resisted the urge to stir the eggs — which would have made scrambled eggs instead — and I just lifted the edges of the omelette with a spoon to allow the liquid portion to run to the center.

As it became more firm, I added some freshly diced tomatoes. And, once it was done, I folded the omelette over with a spatula and slid it onto my plate. Quite unlike last time, this was rather tasty. It was very eggy, of course, but moist and almost spongey.

The cheese that I had added earlier wasn’t very prominent, and it was tough to recognize the cheese taste through the overall egginess. Next time, I may just have to add extra cheese. Or maybe I’ll add the cheese into the fold at the end (like the tomatoes) instead of pre-blending the cheese into the egg-mix.

Overall, this omelette experience was a pleasant one. Still, I may have to give the edge to pancakes in terms of general breakfast deliciousness ;).

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