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Over the past two weekends, I’ve had my car audio reworked, including Sirius Radio. In all:

Though I’ve only had it for a day and a half, I’m very pleased with it so far. Of all the features, I’ve been most excited about Sirius Radio. For those not aware, Sirius Radio offers 100 radio channels, delivered by satellite, including 60 commercial-free music channels.

There’re all kinds of genres including classic rock, electronica, jazz, and decade-based channels such as 70s and 80s. In particular interest to me, there’s also a Metal channel. Initially, I didn’t have my hopes up, as their description made it seem a bit lame (Korn? bleh.).

However, in the past day-and-a-half I’ve already heard Hammerfall, Dark Tranquillity, and Meshuggah (!). All right, so Meshuggah is listed in the channel’s description, but Hammerfall and Dark Tranquillity are two bands that I thought I’d never hear other than on CD.

Sirius Radio’s tagline says “You’ll never want to leave your car”, and it’s true. I’m actually contemplating whether there might more longer and more scenic routes I could take to work (HHOS).

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  1. Wow man I am jealous! I have been putting all my money into modifications for my car. Anyway I am selling my Honda Civic and I am going to redo alot of the interior and get my stereo all installed with this money! I can’t wait….who did you decide to go to for the install?


    (1) KFC-X979 Radio AM/FM/HD/Sirius/CD MP3-WMS Player
    (2) KTC-HR100 HD Tuner AM/FM
    (3) KTC-SR902 Sirius Tuner 15-month Plan @$10/month
    (4) KDC-CX89 CD Changer 10-disc MP3-WMS
    (5) KDC-6042A Outside EQ 9 Band, Dual Band Sub Control, Dual Band Presence Control, X-Over Control

    (6) KAC-X541 960 Watt Amp 4 Channel (500 Watts Peak RMS Clear/Channel)
    (7) KAC-X811D 1600 Watt Amp D-Channel (1600 Watts Peak RMS Clear/Channel)

    (8) MB Quart QTC 25 1 Titanium Element Tweeters (90-170 Watts)
    (9) KFC-X168 2-Way Fronts 220 Watts Peak, 6 inch
    (10) KFC-HQ698 3-Way Rears 300 Watts Peak, 6×9 inch (custom fix to a 6″ Honda Civic)
    (11) MTX 5500 SldegHammer 12 Subsystem, 500 Watts Peak


    * All audio cables are StreetWire ZN3 (expensive, but well worth the investment)!
    * AUX input connects to a Delphi XM SKYfi2 Tuner over a set of ZN3 cables.


    * KAC-X650D 5-Channel AMP was recently replaced by the X541 and X811D combo.
    * AM HD Radio is identical to FM! Great BOOM for AM!
    * The X979 remote control unit makes “living” easy and simple!

    * Entire package custom fits into a 2001 Honda Civic Sedan (would you believe, which includes the 6×9 Kenwoods).
    * Metra supplies all the custom pieces to adopt the 6×9 Kenwoods to a 6″ round Honda with no alterations!

    * Sirius ROCKS! And, you get FREE PC streaming with any subscription! XM PC Streaming is an extra cost item.
    * 2 “Thumbs DOWN”: XM looses out with FRED 44 (1st WAVE equal on Sirius); although LUCY 54 holds some promise.
    * 2 “Thumbs UP”: XM Bluesville 74 and BPM 81 are about equal to Sirius Blues 29 and The Beat 66.

  3. Hey I was wondering, I have a 2004 HOnda Civic, and I just recently bought Sirius Radio and I am having problems installing it? It like isn’t working? Is it maybe just the radio system in the HOnda? Or is there a certain channel that i have to program my car radio to that it will work effectively?


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