Product Placement on HBO

USA Today writes that HBO shows use real brands, but channel has no paid product placement deals:

Commercial-free HBO doesn't pocket a penny from the cars, phones and soft drinks seen in such shows as The Sopranos, Sex and the City and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The 34-million-subscriber pay channel also prohibits paid placements in its original movies. […]

My favorite bit, though were the examples cited towards the bottom of the article, such as this one:

Motorola places about three or four cellphone models each season, with Tony favoring the StarTac. '“As long as our phones are not used to beat somebody over the head, I don't have a problem,”' says David Pinsky, director of entertainment marketing for Motorola. […]

Man, now I’m really jonesing to watch some Sopranos (if only I could get HBO here). (Link from Media Bistro).

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