Gallery Installation Tips?

I took some pictures at the last Slashdot Meetup (with Jason’s camera), and I’d like to put them up with Gallery (Gallery is a free web based photo album). I know several other people that have installed Gallery, but are there any tricky parts to the installation?

Gallery requires PHP, of couse, but I’ve confirmed that my hosting provider includes that. And, looking over their abbreviated installation instructions, it seems so simple ;).

  • Check your requirements. You will need access to a server running Apache and PHP, with NetPBM installed and running. - details
  • Download the gallery files. Create an appropriate directory and install the files on your server.
  • Create an albums directory and set its permissions.
  • Run the configuration script. You will need to know your root directory and URL.
  • Set up some albums and add images.
  • That's it!

With any luck, installing Gallery is no more difficult (or even easier) than installing Movable Type, which I made it through without much trouble.

PS: Byran, I would have TrackBacked one of your posts, but I couldn't find a TrackBack URL there :(.

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