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I recently ran across MegaWiki for Palm, linked from For those not aware, a Wiki basically is a collaborative hyperlinked forum. If that doesn’t make sense yet, browsing around the StartingPoints page at the C2 Wiki may clear things up.

In the case the Palm, MegaWiki links between applications instead of web pages:

Put a name on a To Do List item, and then just tap to jump to the Address Book entry for that name. Manage a project from a memo page with links to bunches of To Do items. Have a list of important dates? Just tap one to go to that date in the Date Book. […]

That alone interested me, but their implementation is also very easy to use. Here’s an example from the MegaWiki QuickStart page:

  • Activate the Palm Memo Pad application — either by choosing it from the Palm application icon or by pressing the physical Memo button (if you find yourself editing an existing memo, tap the 'Done' button)
  • Tap the ‘New’ button to create a new, empty memo
  • Give this new memo a name of OneMegaWiki by entering that text on the first line (note that text case is important — stringing together capitalized words creates a WikiWord)
  • Tap the ‘Done’ button and create another new, empty memo by tapping the ‘New’ button
  • Name this memo TwoMegaWiki by entering that text on the first line
  • Move down a line or two and enter the text OneMegaWiki
  • Now tap the word OneMegaWiki with your stylus and you will find that you have jumped from the TwoMegaWiki memo to the OneMegaWiki memo!

I could see myself getting some real use out of this. For instance, I could have a general memo for SXSW which then linked to more detailed descriptions for various panels. Or, I could have a shopping-list memo linking to other memos with store specials

MegaWiki is freeware, but I’m still not sure I want to try it ;). The only downside is that the authors are not optimistic on whether MegaWiki can bre successfully ported to Palm OS5. And, since I plan on upgrading my PDA to a Palm OS5 device once my employment situation improves, I wouldn’t want to beceome engrossed in an application only to not be able to use it after the upgrade.

2 thoughts on “MegaWiki for Palm

  1. Megawiki makes me want to go back to my old palm 5!

    *sigh* Mega wiki sounds so useful. I recently dug out my old palm 5 and recalled how simple and easy it was to use. Now my Zire 72 often fills me with IRE:

    – An increasing list of semi-functioning apps.
    – Bluetooth sync must be a ten minute wait.
    – And if it goes wrong they replace it with a ‘reconditioned’ unit, not a new one; my pal was given a lemon under this system..

    I guess I could be a textbook case of that think marketeers are banging on about – I was a devout palmister but now losing faith in the ‘brand’.

    Ok, google, find me a neat palm wiki pls!

    Especially if it syncs to the net.

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