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From the gallery-announce mailing list, I learned that a new version of Gallery (1.3.4) has been released. It seems to be mostly a maintenance release, though there are some new features as well:

New features for v1.3.4 include: the ability to download your gallery to burn to CD or browse offline, additional photo print services, auto-rotation of JPEGs when possible, and the ability to add new customized description fields to photos. […]

I’m almost ready to post my pictures from my trip to Greece and, along with this new Gallery release, I’ve been thinking about my web hosting.

I currently have hosting with Logjamming and it’s been fine so far. They do Wil Wheaton’s hosting and that’s what drew my eye to them in the first place. I have their Standard Account plan and for just $5/month it includes 100 MB space and 300 MB transfer/month.

That used to be adequate, but I find that I’m now bumping into those monthly limits regularly (both their space and transfer limits, as their quota-daemon is only too happy to remind me). I could upgrade to their Advanced Account, which allows for 200 MB storage and 1 GB transfer. But, especially with the digital photography and my new camera, I can only imagine that those limits may not be enough in the long run either (?).

So, I’m open to suggestions on web hosting (or even if you think Logjamming’s Advanced Account will be fine after all). I’d like to keep it to around $15 or less per month, which is why I’m not really considering Logjamming’s Deluxe Account ($25/month x 12 months/year = $300, yikes).

The two main web apps that I used on Hand Coding are Movable Type and Gallery. So, I’d need a web host that would work with both of those — Movable Type isn’t much concern, but Gallery is another story ;).

Sure, Gallery can probably be installed on most web hosts. But, even on a decent hosting provider (like Logjamming), it can quickly become almost more trouble than it’s worth if any library isn’t in its default location.

However, the Gallery project has a list of “Gallery certified” web hosts. And it’s not just lip service either — the Gallery team does a test-install on each host before approving them. And since an Easy Gallery Install(TM) would be a godsend, I figure that list could be a good starting point.

And, looking over those hosts briefly, OpenSourceHost caught my eye. For $14/month (when paid annually), they offer 350 MB storage and 7 GB transfer/month (that takes into account their Gallery Special which adds an extra 100 MB storage and 1 GB transfer when using a Gallery referral code).

Well, let me know what you think. When I started with Logjamming, I paid for a year in advance, but my year is just about up. So, this could be a good time for me to switch, if I were to do so.

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  1. I use Page-zone

    Page-zone has provided good service and a high level of technical expertise.

    For under $20/mo I get 2GB storage, 10 GB bandwidth, and I can host as many other domains as I want.

    I provide free hosting to family and friends (15 other sites) and never come close to using up the resources.

    Jim Snape, who runs Page-zone, is sharp and understands the need to provide shell access, SSH, and help with installing mods on the server.

    If you don’t choose, page-zone, be sure to get a reseller plan that lets you hosting multiple domains. You never know when you’ll need or

  2. Use apache and your computer! I’ve hosted, and (with virtual hosting) for years and I’ve had very few problems. and Public DNS do DNS serving for free.

  3. Adrian: I’m wary about hosting off my own computer primarily because if the power goes out, my website goes down :(. And, it’s also contingent on my ISP allowing (or at least not disallowing) hosting a website off my connection (which might not always be the case).

  4. Blogomania has over 300 clients using MT, many of which use Gallery too. Plus you’ve met me live & in person and we’re both in Texas. ;) (Right. Those are the reasons you should pick a host. How about the rates are right, we can offer everything you need, and support – if you need it – rocks!)

  5. Oh – and the basic plan – 200mb of space – works out to $10 a month if you go quarterly – which is just $120 a year. If you need more space and want to pay the full year, we can work out a annual price point for you.

  6. Alex, I’m looking at hosting places myself recently, and here are my top two, based on ratings and personal recomendations:

    ICDSoft servers in Hong Kong so they’re ping time is sometimes slow, but transfers are quite fast (check out my friends page for example). Only offer one package: $5, 333mb, 5gig transfer, and their customer service, via email, is legendry; always responses within minutes 24/7.

    Burton Hosting also highly praised by all their users. Offers a $7.50/month, 500mb 8gig transfer.

    But I’ll certainly check out some of those mentioned above as well… Was good to see you in Boston.

  7. I’ve been using Logjamming for about a year now too. I’m switching to either Verve Host or OpenSourceHost. The LJ people never update their software, and every time I inquire about maybe upgrading to, say, a version of PHP that doesn’t date from the Clinton administration, I get nothing, not even a reply back. The IMP version they run probably predates HTML. Man that thing is ancient. That isn’t the only out of date software they use either. I don’t know if its simply laziness or ignorance to blame for this one.

    And now, the server runs so god awful slow that doing a rebuild in MT takes ages. Probably 2-4 minutes for a moderately small blog.

    Not to mention that the pricing really isn’t that great, given the other problems I have. It just seems like I get a lot of either a. confusion or b. attitude when I contact ‘support’.

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