WordPress Meetup Tomorrow

There hasn't been a WordPress Meetup in a while (and I’ve never been to one) but it looks like they’re trying to get that started again. As a future WordPress user, I’m kinda looking forward to it — the Dallas Meetup is going to be tomorrow at 4:00pm at the Starbucks at Custer and Renner.

And apparently Ryan Boren will be there as well (he and Matthew Mullenweg are the two lead developers). Ryan also goes over some of the topics up for discussion in his blog entry about the Meetup ;).

The top secret release date for WordPress 1.5 will be revealed, and free “Licensed to Press” stickers will be given to those who agree not to gripe about nofollow. (Yes, I’m joking. No release date and no stickers for you.) […]

So, it looks like the official word is ixnay on the eleaseray ateday. All the same, it could be cool to get up to speed on all the new features going into WordPress 1.5 (and, yeah, they’re jumping from 1.2 to 1.5 because of all the changes since the last release).

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