Music: Greetings from Johannesburg

My brother Adrian and his friend David are in a band and they're getting ready to release an EP which they're tentatively calling Greetings from Johannesburg. Adrian has always been into music and I know that he and Dave have been working on some tracks for a couple years now but, I hadn’t heard any of it until this today.

Adrian has released the tracks as mp3s and I downloaded them earlier this evening. I wasn’t really sure what to expect — well I kinda had an idea since Adrian loves indie music (you know, Elephant Six and all that). I piled them into a playlist in Quintessential Player and took a listen. And, I really enjoyed it — I think it’s the kind of music I might buy in a store, if it was for sale.

The part that’s troubling me, as I write this, is that I’m not sure what genre it would fall into. I’m guessing “indie”, somehow, but I would suppose that there’re sub-genres within “indie” much like there’re sub-genres within (say) metal (such as melodic death metal, power metal, and black metal, if you’re curious). But, after some brain wracking, I can see some resemblances to The Postal Service and maybe Barcelona in some ways.

I would have hosted some of the tracks here in order to save Adrian some bandwidth but I didn't see a license specified and I didn’t want to guess wrongly. Perhaps he’d be open to one of the Creative Commons audio licenses; then again, though I could hazard a guess that Adrian might be open to that, I’m not sure how Dave would feel.

4 thoughts on “Music: Greetings from Johannesburg

  1. Alex, you can distribute or host the file how you want.

    In the instance that some (very) (small) (indie) label picks this EP up for their catalog, I probably would not have the distribution rights, but for now, do what you wish.

  2. On a similar note, have I ever pointed you to my brother’s band?

    It’s rock-and-roll, but it’s a step up from your usual college rock stuff.

    I’m listening to some of the GFJ tracks now. I’ll have to say I like ’em. The sound is different from what I listen to / hear. Some of the sounds sometimes throw me for a bit. I assume this was put together with the usual Apple tools (knowing Adrian).

  3. Hi, Josh. I think you mentioned your brother’s band in passing once but, I hadn’t heard their work. I’ll check that out this evening (as I don’t have a soundcard in the box here at work).

  4. Thanks for the free tunes! I look forward to hearing them. I’m a sucker for free music…

    I have given up on genres. They just don’t work for music! Every band is its own genre.

    I hear you are a fellow Dallas-ite. I live in Plano myself. Maybe I’ll see you around somewhere…

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