Weird Al’s UHF for $5.99

In case you’ve been thinking about buying Weird Al’s movie UHF but hesitated due to the cost, well, now’s your chance :). I’ve discovered that DeepDiscountDVD has it for $5.99 with free shipping.

Oh, and even though their name might be a bit weird, I’ve ordered many things from DeepDiscountDVD (and their sister site DeepDiscountCD) and I've been pleased with their service.

2 thoughts on “Weird Al’s UHF for $5.99

  1. Something for folks to keep in mind: DeepDiscountDVD has a 20% off sale every Fall. :-) I try to buy most of my DVDs then.

    (20% off the cheapest prices around)

  2. Oh, is that how often they have it? I knew they had that sale every now and then, but it just didn’t occur to me that it was every fall :-/.

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