First-Person Shooters Improve Eyesight

LiveScience reports on a study which concluded that “action video games that involve firing guns can improve your eyesight”:

A group of 10 male college students who started out as non-gamers and then received 30 hours of training on first-person action video games showed a substantial increase in their ability to see objects accurately in a cluttered space, compared to 10 non-gamers given the same test, said Daphne Bevelier of the University of Rochester.


First-person action games helped study subjects improve their spatial resolution, meaning their ability to clearly see small, closely packed together objects, such as letters, she said. Game-playing actually changes the way our brains process visual information. […]

I think this may be just the motivation I need to play Doom 3 more often — it’s for my own good, right? ;).

4 thoughts on “First-Person Shooters Improve Eyesight

  1. Dear IRS,
    For 2006, my deductions are as follows:
    $50-Doom 3
    $50-Call of Duty 2
    $50-Lego Star Wars (why not?)
    $2000-Soop3r gaming rig
    All listed items are used exclusively in my home office for educational and training purposes.

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