Praise for Burger King and McDonald’s

The nutrition watchdog group “Center for Science in the Public Interest” — known for its outspoken views on the nutrition of everyday prepared foods — had some good things to say about some fast food meals:

In a list of best and worst fast foods, the center praised Burger King’s Chicken Whopper Jr. for its taste and as “the only way to get a normal-sized sandwich these days.“ The junior has 350 calories compared to 580 calories for a regular Chicken Whopper, and unlike its competition “actually tastes grilled,” the center said. […]

They also go on to say good things about Subway’s low-fat sandwiches (no surprise there). Of course, the article is sure to mention some of the offenders as well (such as Burger King’s large shake with over-1k Calories). Surprisingly, hash-browns also made the list of worst-foods.

I’m pleased that there are some reasonable foods that I could get at Burger King or Wendy’s, when I have no other options but to eat there. Note to self:

  • Burger King: Get the Chicken Whopper Jr. (350 Calories)
  • Wendy’s: Mandarin Chicken Salad (420 Calories)
  • McDonald’s: Not much luck on meal-items, though the Fruit ’n Yogurt Parfai isn’t bad. (380 Calories)

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