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Through searching for more information on Michelob Ultra, I came across this page of the Best Macro Beers. That’s right — not the usual battle-of-the-micro-brews, but Macro Beers this time.

Not too surprisingly, Michelob Ultra isn’t anywhere on the list (though a few other Michelob brews are, which would explain the search-engine hit). In fact RateBeer’s reviews of Michelob Ultra are less than complimentary:

This was horrid. [&hellip]

would be good to drink while walking on a treadmill or at a health club […]

If you were to take 2.9 carbs worth of Michelob light [&hellip] then added 11 ounces of water, you would have Michelob ultra.

In addition to the Top Macro Beers list, RateBeer has several other useful top-lists:

  • Top Accessible Beers: This is different from the Top Macro category — Top Macro is based on brewery-size, while Top Accessible is based on the general availability of the beer.
  • Top American Beers: This list might be good to check out of curiosity’s sake, but good for little else. After all, why limit one’s self to only American beers?

Of the three (Top Macro, Top Accessible, and Top American), I think the most useful for everyday use would be Top Accessible. And, as is no surprise to me, Samuel Adams appears several times in that list :).

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