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I’ve written about Marmite previously, but just now it was mentioned in a Metafilter story linking to a Boston Globe article on Marmite’s centennial.

The article is a good introduction for Marmite-newbies, to be sure. But I most enjoyed the comments on Metafilter, from both sides of the fence. A few excerpts:

Don’t mock what you don't understand, you weak-palated poltroon. Thinly spread on buttered toast, marmite is the tasty ichor of the Dark Yeast Gods. Sour and bitter — the underrated tastes. […]

Bow before the Gods of Yeast Extract! Bow damn you! […]

the marmite is not too strong for us. it is we who are too weak for the marmite. […]

Marmite is vile. I find it impossible to stay in a room with a jar of the stuff open, let alone allow it anywhere near my tongue. […]

One of my colleagues is an expatriate Englishman, and he positively insisted that I must try Marmite—which he served up to me on matzohs, with butter. Apparently, my face was a true study in disgust. […]

I love the stuff. Can’t say enough good things about it. I was at a music festival in England and found a caravan in the food area selling nothing but Marmite on toast. Absolutely brilliant. […]

I eat it on top of butter or margarine spread thinly for breakfast sometimes, like others have mentioned. The problem is, when some people try it for the first time they spread it like cream cheese or jam on top of a piece of bread and it's foul. Or otherwise, they just take a whiff of the jar and back down actually tasting it. […]

Vegemite is but a pale imitation of the true mother of all brown paste succor, it looks more like burnt peanut butter compared to the dark axle grease sheen of Marmite. […]

I’m on a mission to try Marmite out now, this stuff seriously sounds delicious. I’m not being facetious. “very reminiscent of caviar, without the fishiness” and comparisons to HP Sauce? Yum. […]

Mmm, I consider Marmite a double-plus good food. And, should you like to try some, I’d be happy to prepare some buttered bread with Marmite for you.

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