MP3/Ogg Player for Palm Tungsten T

Palm InfoCenter reports that Aerodrome Software has released AeroPlayer v1.0, which can play both MP3 and Ogg files:

Aeroplayer only runs on the Palm Tungsten T and requires at least 150k of free memory. Audio files can be transferred through hotsync or with an external card reader. The app is $16 shareware. […]

It’s too bad that it’s not free, but it may be one of the few shareware programs worth paying for (not that I steal shareware — if I find an app too expensive, I simply don’t use the program).

What’s especially nice is the device-convergence angle: with a Tungten T and this app, you wouldn't need to carry around both a PDA and an MP3/Ogg player.

Pleasantly, Palm has also dropped the price on the Tungsten T by $100, to a list price of $399. Not that I can afford one either way ;), but at least I can more easily buy one once my job prospects improve.

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