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It’s not hard to find recipes on the Internet — in fact, just the opposite. Some times, sites will have so many recipes that I just don’t know where to begin. And, I hesitate to try them randomly, as I wouldn’t want to spend the time making the recipe only for it to turn out badly.

One approach that has worked well for me is websites such as Back of the Box and Favorite Brand Name Recipes. There, the sites feature recipes found on the back of boxes, from the manufacturer. Obviously, the manufacturers don’t want their products seen in a bad light, so they include recipes that easily work well.

Still, I often thought about whether there might be some kind of community recipe site where users could write comments and reviews of other recipes. That way, I could discover the better recipes through the experiences of others.

All Recipes is just such a site. They have a wide range of categories, such as appetizers, chicken, and desserts. Users can add new recipes and post comments on other recipes. The only oddity is that, because users can name their own recipes, some of the “good names” end up with numbered titles such as “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” (reviews) and “Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies III” (reviews).

Nonetheless, I look forward to trying many of these recipes. At first, I wasn’t sure how I could accurately compare similar recipes, but I then realized that I could halve the ingredients of two recipes and make both of them (which would then make for easy back-and-forth comparisons).

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  1. Wow Alex thanks for the link. I have been looking at the site the past 10 minutes at work and my mouth is watering! I can’t wait to try some of this out…now only if I could cook better :) Thank god for a cooking friendly sister and girlfriend!

  2. Check out Recipezaar. There’s WAY more recipes, they’re user-submitted, it’s easier to find recipes, there’s a community area where you can talk to people, request a recipe, get help, etc., shopping list, nutritional search. And the recipes are all reviewed as well.

  3. I enjoy cooking and trying new dishes… especially ones that look dificult but are really simple. Right no I am in search for a great key lime pie recipe. Do you have one for me?

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