Cottage Cheese Omelettes — Not So Nice

As I often do, I made myself an omelette this morning. And, for the past couple omelettes, I’ve been making use of some crumbled Amish blue cheese that I picked up at Sam's Club last week. Formerly, I would use shredded sharp cheddar cheese, but that always felt like a stop-gap solution to me. And the blue cheese just makes such such a more flavorful omelette.

So, the blue cheese has been going well. And I remembered reading about an another omelette addition as well: cottage cheese. Apparently, the cottage cheese could add protein along with a pleasant creaminess to the omelette. So, I thought I’d give it a try.

After beating the eggs and adding them to the skillet, I soon added a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese along with a sprinkling of blue cheese. Soon enough, the omelette set up and I folded it onto my plate. Those first few bites were actually rather nice. The cottage cheese — still cold from just having come from the fridge — provided a sensation a bit like an eggy baked-Alaska.

However, it soon went downhill from there. The cottage cheese, still cold, began to assert the laws of thermodynamics as it sucked the rest of the heat out of the omelette. So, after those first intriging bites, the omelette soon became soggy and chilly. The omelette went from “Hmm, this isn’t too bad” to “Yikes, this isn't so tasty anymore.&rdquo.

Perhaps if I prewarmed the cottage cheese or even added it to the omelette earlier in the cooking process, it would be able to warm to the temperature of the rest of the omelette and the resulting dish wouldn’t have the omelette-stuffed-with-ice-cubes effect. In any case, I’m not so sure I’ll try cottage cheese in an omelette again anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Cottage Cheese Omelettes — Not So Nice

  1. Hi there!

    I realise this was posted 5 years ago.. but I stumbled on it so somebody else might too!! :)

    In defence of the cottage cheese, I highly recommend mixing some into the beaten egg before you put it in the pan. I find that this way, everything cooks evenly and the omelette is super duper fluffy as nature intended.

    Obviously you can add extra ingredients and fold as usual. Delicious!

    Bon appetit :)

  2. Thank you for the testimonial. It gave me the courage to add blue cheese to my omelet this morning. (Despite my family’s “Ewww!”)

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