Thanksgiving Pictures 2003

Yeah, I realize that it’s well past Christmas, but my Thanksgiving pictures are now online — I posted 18 of the 23 pictures that I shot over those four days. And, if you create a Gallery account, you’ll be able to vote on images (Excellent, Good, Average, and so on). For whatever reason, the Register link appears on the Gallery main page but not on any of the subalbum pages.

I’ve had them processed and ready for several weeks, but my hosting provider had reconfigured a couple PHP options under my feet and broke my Gallery in the process; it took a few persistent e-mails to get them to change the options back, but it should be fine now. (I’ll post more about that later.)

In any case, we visited my brother in Menlo Park for Thanksgiving this year and we also went into San Franciso for some touristy bits on Friday (see also a QuickTime montage that my brother created). As usual, we cooked & smoked our turkey on the grill over several hours (mmm, smoked turkey!).

And, here’re a couple quick notes on the photos, just as with my photos from Greece:

  • You’ll see that each filename ends with “_smaller”. This is because I resized each image to 1024x768 before uploading it. I did this out of disk space concerns; for instance, the full-size Menlo Park pictures are 13.6 MB but 2.7 MB in their smaller form. Besides, it can be tough to get your head around a 2560x1920 image ;0.

  • Though I resized the images for upload purposes, I’ve kept the full-size versions of each image as well (which are all 5 MPixels). So if you want a full-size copy of any image, just let me know.

  • And, all images are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license. In short, I give everyone the right to “copy, distribute, display, and perform the work”. In return, you must give me credit if you use an image and commercial use is not allowed unless I separately give permission. But, be a chum and go to the link yourself — the page linked is a “Commons Deed” and has no legalese :).

And if anyone is savvy with customizing Gallery, I’d like to add the Creative Commons icon and some explanation text to each of my Gallery pages. I’m sure this is a fairly straightforward template change, but I’m not sure which files need to be modified.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Pictures 2003

  1. A friend of mine from NC gave me a pair of rather nice sandals for my birthday this year. She nearly killed me when I tried to put them on while still wearing my socks!


  2. Yeah, it’s my understanding that socks-with-sandals are out of style. I’m still trying to think of a nice way to convey this to my roommate ;).

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