Nov. 29, 2005

Yeah, Stars. Whatever.

As I was walking out of work this evening, I came to a “Don’t Walk” crosswalk and, as I waited, another commuter walked to the crosswalk as well. She then thought to strike up conversation:

  • Her: “It’s nice seeing stars in the sky. I don't often see them after work.”
  • Me: “Ah.”
  • Me / inner dialog: “Stars? Yeah, fine.”
  • Her: “Can you see it? It’s right… [pointing with her finger] there. ”
  • Me: “How about that.”
  • Her: “No, I’m not sure you're seeing it — take a step back… Do you see it? Right there?”
  • Me: “Oh. There it is.”
  • Me / inner dialog: You’re still talking?
  • Her: And I know it’s not an airplane because it’s not moving. It really is a star.

Fortunately, the light changed at that point and we crossed the street. I have nothing against astronomy, but I guess I've seen enough stars that they're not that exciting to me.

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