Yeah, Stars. Whatever.

As I was walking out of work this evening, I came to a “Don’t Walk” crosswalk and, as I waited, another commuter walked to the crosswalk as well. She then thought to strike up conversation:

  • Her: “It’s nice seeing stars in the sky. I don't often see them after work.”
  • Me: “Ah.”
  • Me / inner dialog: “Stars? Yeah, fine.”
  • Her: “Can you see it? It’s right… [pointing with her finger] there. ”
  • Me: “How about that.”
  • Her: “No, I’m not sure you're seeing it — take a step back… Do you see it? Right there?”
  • Me: “Oh. There it is.”
  • Me / inner dialog: You’re still talking?
  • Her: And I know it’s not an airplane because it’s not moving. It really is a star.

Fortunately, the light changed at that point and we crossed the street. I have nothing against astronomy, but I guess I've seen enough stars that they're not that exciting to me.

10 thoughts on “Yeah, Stars. Whatever.

  1. Me: “Hey Alex, I have someone I want you to meet.”
    You: “Ok”
    Me: “Alex, this is Flirting. She likes you.”
    You: “Ok” *scurries off*
    Her: *cry*

  2. All right, you in the peanut gallery, indeed flirting had occurred to me for a moment ;). However, once I noticed that she was about 35-40, flirting didn’t seem so likely anymore.

  3. Here’s a conversation I had with a random man at the tanning salon awhile back (really really awhile back; you should see how albino I am these days)(also, this was not flirting, just geekery):

    Random Man: Man, it’s hot today. Some days its like the sun burns hotter than it does on other days.

    Me: Yeah, kind of funny that we’re at a tanning salon, huh?

    Random Man, chuckling: Yeah, but I don’t get as hot and sweaty in there as I do out there.

    Me: You wanna know something kind of cool about the sun?

    Random Man stares at me but I guess he thought it was rhetorical because he didn’t answer.

    Me: The sun has magnetic poles, just like Earth, you know, like north pole and south pole. But on the sun, the magnetic poles flip every eleven years. So, north is south and south is north. It has to do with the sunspot cycle. Cool, huh?

    Random Man: Weird. I didn’t know. Hey, have you tried that Black Jack lotion? The girl at the desk gave me a sample and I’m thinking about buying it but its forty bucks.

    Me: No, I haven’t tried it.


    But I’m just a dorky conversationalist. You, of all people, can attest to that. All seriousness aside, totally flirting.

  4. Alex. Take it from the most social-phobic absolutely-never-gets-the-girl could-club-me-over-the-head-and-wouldn’t-notice guy you’ve ever known… Dude, she was flirting!

  5. Alex, as your long time friend, and as a newly married man… I have to tell you… I think I have to agree with the peanut gallery.

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