Jan. 21, 2008

Nikon D80 For Sale, Lightly Used (SOLD)

Update 2008-01-25: I’ve sold the camera (body + kit lens), the 50mm lens, and the 4 GB SD card.

Nikon D80 For Sale, Lightly Used

I’ve decided to sell my Nikon D80 in pursuit of an upgrade. Here’re the details:

I have a Nikon D80 with the 18-135mm kit lens. The camera works just fine and I can see no visible scratches on it. (I’m not ruling out that there may be a faint scratch somewhere, but I just couldn’t find any when I looked.) To help come up with a fair price, I checked the prices online; the lowest price that I could find from a non fly-by-night retailer was about $1050, so I figured on offering the body and kit lens for $800.

As you might guess, that includes everything that came in the box, including the D80 body & camera strap, the 18-135mm kit lens, its battery and AC battery charger, its USB cable, and the manual. And, just to make things more interesting, I’ll also toss in a spare 3rd-party battery and a 1 GB Sandisk SD card.

In addition to the D80, I also have a couple accessories which could go along with that:

  • I bought a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens back in September. That’s currently going for about $270 online and I’d be willing to sell mine for $200.

  • I also have a 4 GB Extreme Ducati-Edition SD card from Sandisk. (The Ducati Edition is their very fastest model line.) Their online price is about $100 and I could sell that for $70.

Anyhow, if any of this is of interest, just drop me a line. And if you’re in the Dallas area, I’d be happy to show any of the gear to you.

PS As mentioned above, I’ve sold the camera and the accessories. I’ll be sure to update this post once I’ve sold the camera. Or, put another way, if you’re seeing this post (and I haven’t mentioned otherwise), you can assume the camera is still available :).

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21 Responses to “Nikon D80 For Sale, Lightly Used (SOLD)”
  1. Bryan says:

    I’ve purchased used items from Alex before. He takes immaculate care of his belongings.

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks, Bryan — I appreciate the endorsement :).

  3. Deepankar says:

    Are you willing to sell the D80 body only? If so, then at what price? I already have a bunch of lenses.

  4. Alex says:

    Deepankar — My preference is toward selling both the body and the kit lens, but I may be open to selling just the body if I’m not able to find a buyer for the set. I’ll keep you in mind.

  5. jessie says:

    give me a call i f you still have this camera.
    my cell #978-328-8419

  6. brian says:

    i may have overlooked it somewhere here but how old is you D80 and how many clicks do you think you have on it

  7. Kathy says:

    I have a Nikon d80 10 months old. with 1 year Nikon extended service contract. Everything in box. Excellent condition.

  8. vineet says:

    hey Kathy

    I am looking or a D80 too , let me know your price and other info.

  9. Darol says:

    Kathy, Have you sold your D80? If not please contact me with details. Thanks, Darol

  10. Heidi says:

    If anyone is interested, I have a 6 month old D80 with an 18-55 mm lens that I would like to sell. Thanks.

  11. Arnold says:

    I have a deluxe package brand new nikon d80 with 18-55VR lens and 55-200VR lens for sale. Price is 1300

    Please email me if your interested. This is the newer lenses and not the non-Vr type!

  12. Tara says:

    I am looking for a D80 as well. Email me at tkkiger@comcast.net to “talk”. :)

  13. Hian says:

    I have a used D80 with 18-135 lens kit. All accessories included in the box. Willing to sell for $700. Let me know if anyone interested. Please contact me at hschew00@yahoo.com. I am in Northern NJ area.

  14. Alex says:

    Just for anyone who may have come across this post recently, I thought I should mention that I’ve sold my D80. Thanks for all the interest!

  15. Huy says:

    I have Nikon D 80 body with USA Model Under 3000 shot and All unused Accessories. I am asking $600.let me know if you are interested. Email. ccsf01vsa@yahoo.com

  16. Emily says:

    I am interested in buying the lens and body kit and also the 50mm f/1.4 lens. If you could please email me back, that would be great.


  17. Emily says:

    are you still interested in selling your d80?
    If so, please contact me at shrunky_crunk@hotmail.com.

  18. Thiago says:

    I have the same set-up for sale. Mine is in perfect condition, I have everything original, the D80 body, with 2 lenses: the 18-55mm and a nice 55-200mm with Vibration ReductioN! I have all boxes for all lenses, and the camera body, all caps+covers, manual, usb and power cables, everything, perfect condition. If it wasn’t for having to pay for school i would not be selling these. $800. Heres the link for it on craigslist. Serious buyers only please. THanks


  19. emmanuel says:

    im badly in need of a used but in good condition nikkon d80 camera with 18-135mm lense.

  20. Nicole Morgan says:

    I have a Nikon D80 body in excellent condition with the box it came in with the strap, cap, its battery, battery charger, USB cable, manual, additional manual. Selling for $600.00. If interested, please email me at nicatnight24@gmail.com

  21. Yung Hollopeter says:

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