Carlos Mencia Steals Jokes

I’ve never been much a fan of Carlos Mencia’s comedy, but stealing jokes from other comics just isn’t cool. And, of all people, wouldn’t stealing from Cosby only make it all the more obvious?

What I do find amusing, however, is that his real name is Ned Mencia (and, no, that’s not a joke). (Via: Digg)

The New Democratic Agenda

With the Democrats’ newly regained control of the House and (likely) the Senate, some have been speculating as to their new agenda. And, it looks like has the scoop on the Democrats’ new goals. Here’re a couple excerpts:

  • Tofurkey to be named official Thanksgiving dish
  • Freeways to be removed, replaced with light rail systems
  • Comatose people to be ground up and fed to poor
  • Ban Christmas: replace with Celebrate our Monkey Ancestors Day
  • […]

Indeed, it is a parody, but I’m guessing that both sides of the aisle could get a chuckle out of this one. (Via: BoingBoing)

Jim Davis Is a Tool

I recently ran across this article at Slate on the business process behind Garfield. In short, Jim Davis is a tool. It’s not news that his strips aren’t funny to anyone over eight — how many times can someone tell a lasagna joke? — but it also turns out that Davis is merely a man behind a curtain pulling levers and twisting knobs:

Garfield’s origins were so mercantile that it’s fair to say he never sold out—he never had any integrity to put on the auction block to begin with. But today Davis spends even less time on the strip than he used to—between three days and a week each month. During that time, he collaborates with another cartoonist to generate ideas and rough sketches, then hands them over to Paws employees to be illustrated. […]

So, it would seem that drawing the strip is merely a means to an end for Davis: he keeps the cogs in the machine turning just so that he can power his licensing efforts. To be sure, I have nothing against artists profiting off their work; still, I’m put off that a so-called artist would go through the motions, knowingly churning out drivel just for the check.

Belgians: Good for Beer, Not for Dancing

Via Metafilter Projects, I’ve discovered the Belgian Anti-Defamation Institute which helps to dispel some common misconceptions of Belgians. For instance:


    Our research has shown that this stereotype is:




    Our research has shown that this stereotype is:



It’s a good thing I ran across this useful resource — I wouldn’t want to be misinformed about such things. Well, to be sure, satire ensues :).

Thanks for Nothing, Citi

I have a Mastercard with Citi Cards and they recently sent me an e-mail about my credit line which I’ve pasted below. (I’ve not changed anything below, other than cropping the federally-required disclaimers which were in the original.)


We are pleased to inform you that we have raised the credit line of your Citi(R) Diamond Preferred(R) Rewards account to $0.

This increase was a result of our ongoing credit review program. We wanted to acknowledge the responsible way you have maintained your account.

Thank you for being a Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards customer.

S. Larson
Customer Service

So… I wasn’t quite sure how to take that ;). Naturally, I logged in to their online site and confirmed that my credit line had been increased in real terms. Yeesh.