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From a thread on MetaFilter, songs in commercials are becoming a phenomenon all their own — Cadillac is even becoming popular with some younger buyers due to their use of a Zepplin song in an ad.

There’re also websites that help people figure out the artists that performed songs heard in commercials. At first, I was happy to discover as there’s one song from a GMC Yukon commercial that I’m still trying to track down (the commercial featured the hulking beasts driving in choreographed circles, synchronized-swimming style).

SongTitle has an entry for “Our Day Will Come” by Ruby & The Romantics (with a link to a sound sample) for the Yukon. But, after listening, I ruled that one out. I don’t hold it against SongTitle, but I suppose they just don’t have the details for that particular commercial.

Even Volkswagen has a CD of collected songs from its commercials. Some of the more obvious ones — such as Mr. Roboto — are on there, but I may just get it to discover some new techno artists (good techo is just so hard to find these days).

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  1. awww yeah! fc!! damn, i remember calling up the music connection in the early 90’s grabbing all the mod/s3m’s i could get my hands on. some i wish i still had. wowii player (wowie kazowie)?

    i bought a gus and upgraded it to 512k ram so i could properly listen to Second Reality (or was it Unreal?)…i was impressed with the 2 speaker surround sound of those days.

    i wonder whatever happened to renaissance(sp?)…

  2. It was Second Reality. :) I’m the proud owner of three GUS MAX boards and an AWE32 for my MOD-playing pleasure. Damn, it’s good to hear from another FC fan.

    I still listen to them from time to time at work using either XMMS’s mikmod plugin or xmp. Recently, though, I’ve gotten into old NES music (NSF files) and remixes of them at Overclocked Remixes – a great freaking site.

    Anyway – TV commercial music is lame. Alex, pick yourself up some Funker Vogt or VNV Nation.

  3. Hi, Can you please tell me the name of the artist and title track used on the smirnoff ice “Laundry” television commercial, which is in air right now?

  4. can anyone tell me the song to that one Kraft foods add where they are advertsing Kraft singles and the little boy and little girl are in the school cafeteria and the boy gives the girl her sandwich? this commercial was on last fall and over the summer. Thanks!!

  5. Does anyone know the artist who sings on the GMC commercial…song goes someting like Something from Nothing means nothing…you gotta have something if you wanna be with me…is this George Duke? I think its some keyboard guy from the 60’s.

  6. Does anyone know the song on the new (2003) Sea World commercial? I think it is a song from the 90’s but I can’t figure out what it is.

  7. Hi! I’m lookin to find out what the song and artist are for a Michelob commercial? It revolves around a situation in an elevator, really new commercial? Very funky song, sounds old, maybe a sample? Has horns in it? Anyway thanks alot for your help!

  8. does anyone no the song in the new Hummer h2 commercial thats playing in feb 2003 — also the song in the saab 9-5 commercial — and the song in the audi a4 commercial — and the nissan 350z commercial all of witch are 2003 cars and commercials

  9. I’m looking for a song that’s on a commercial I think it’s about a car, not sure. It’s like a motown old love song. Reminds me of Let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye, but it’s not. The song was also played in an episode of Will and Grace when Karen was going into the bedroom with her husband. I Know it’s a stretch but I can’t think of any other info!

  10. There’s a song in a commercial (don’t know of what) that is sung by a woman, and the words of the chorus are “I want to thank you….for giving me the best days of my life.” It’s kind of a jazzy, light song. This is driving me crazy! Thanks for any help.

  11. Looking for the song, new car commercial, only word in it is “GO”. Had it on tape back in the ’80s, but can’t remember the artist. More of a techno song.

  12. to Ralph re:post of 12/22/02 the song ” Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing” was recorded by Billy Preston who also was featured in some Beatles material and nicknamed “The Black Beatle”.He was also on an old ’70’s dance show that I beleive was called either “Hullabaloo” or “Shingding”;I am not sure which.

    I am interested in who sings the song on a car commercial the goes “It’s been one week since you looked at me dropped your eyes to the side and said I’m Sorry” or something like that anyone know the one I mean?

  13. the “I want to thank you for giving me the best days of my life” song is by Dido.. I forgot what its called, probably it’s just called Thank You or something.. part of it is in the Eminem song Stan too (“but your picture on my wall, it reminds me, that it’s not so bad, not so bad..”)

    and the One Week song is by Barenaked Ladies

    and I want to know what that song is that’s in a new-ish car commercial (can’t remember what kind of car) I think it’s an 80’s song, it says something like “here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock up my car”.. I’ve heard it before but I dunno what it’s called or who it’s by! seems like it hasn’t been updated in a long time..

  14. THe song is in a car commercial ( Mitsubishi??). It say ” Just Breathe” It’s dance music?? It is a womans voice.

  15. Can anybody tell me who sings the song in the new Pepsi Cola radio commercail? It sort of sounds like Alicia Myers but I don’t think it is. The last name does begin with an ‘M’ and it is a popular female artist. Help!

  16. Does anyone know the artist that did the music for the Holland America Cruise Lines? It’s a female singing.

  17. For Cyndie,

    From your post on March 4: That song is done by the Bare Naked Ladies, called, 2 weeks till we’re sorry” or something like that.

  18. I also was curious what that song in the Sea world commercial and that Hummer commercial. The Hummer one sounds a lot like Filter, but I am not sure….

  19. Looking for the name of the Louis Prima song that appears in the new GMC Yukon ad where the truck pulls in and out of a retyro looking house on the beach on a sunny day.

  20. The new GMC commercial has a really hot song that I’ve never heard before. “What a good, good feeling, what a great sensation, sock it to me!”
    Please tell me what/who it is. Thanks!

    P.S. Looking for it on Kazaa, I ran across a really cool version of Wooden Ships, one of my favorite songs, done by Ides of March. Check it!

  21. This is in answer to Angela’s question (March 4, 2003)

    The first song by Dido is called Thank You.

    The second song with the lyrics, “here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock up my car,”
    is by Gary Numan / Fear Factory and is called CARS.

  22. The song from the Hummer H2 commercial sounds to me like Bryan Adams is singing but not so. I believe it is (as another person suggested) a song by Filter named “The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way).

  23. Hey, does anyone know the name of the song in that Diet Pepsi commercial..the one where the kid is at the concert, and his parents are there….and they all have mud on

  24. the loius prima song i believe is called “The Music Goes ‘Round And ‘Round ” i could be wrong but i swear it sounds just like it.

    i am also wondering what song is in the “polaroid one” commercial? it sounds like “don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” but it is a remixed dance version of it. any help on finding the version from that commercial would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance!

  25. i *think* this is from a kodak commercial but i could be totally wrong. i’ve just heard parts of it while passing by a TV…
    it’s a woman’s voice…sounds like eva cassidy or the like. and the only words i can remember is “i remember…”
    it’s a soft, pretty song.

    anyone have info on that? thanks

  26. Joel (February 10, 2003) – The song in the Michelob elevator commercial is “Soul Vibration” by J-Walk. For a good collection of downtempo music, I suggest the “Hi-Fidelity Lounge” series from Guidance Recordings ( Soul Vibration is on Volume 3.

  27. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone knew what song is in the Saab 9-3 or 9-5 commercial …a guy drives through an empty street in a European-style city while others are watching a soccer match–at the end there’s type that says: “Life is not a spectator sport.”

  28. “Looking for the song, new car commercial, only word in it is “GO”. Had it on tape back in the ’80s, but can’t remember the artist. More of a techno song”

    That song is Go! by Tones on Tail

    Have a good one for you, I believe it’s by Kraft, for their garlic bread. Was popular during the time around Valentine’s Day, guy brings his date flowers, closes the door on him, chocolates, same thing, brings her garlic bread, and, well, you know! Boggling my mind ever since. Thanks!

  29. Does anyone know the name of the song by Diana Krall used in a Chrysler Pacifica car commercial. They even show her at the end- its not Celine like I have been told before and it is not The Look of Love either. Thanks.

  30. I am looking for the name of the song and/or group for the Monte Carlo commercial that is currently out. It is a hispanic song that is playing while the driver stops and starts continuously trying to get the passenger to spill his coffee. Thanks!

  31. does anyone know who sings that version of The Very thought of you on a commercial for either womens clothes or purfume. I know others have done the song but I want to know who does that version for the tv commercial.

  32. if anyone knows the name of the guitar instrumental in the new 350z commercial please email me and let me know

  33. For Kim:

    The song that was on Will & Grace is “Tell Me Something Good” by Chake Khan & Rufus

  34. LOOKIN—-for GMC commercial song. “What good,good feeling. What a great sensation. Sock it to me.” Please let me know what it is!!! Thanks

  35. Does any one know the song they played for the michelob beer commercial with a guy and a girl in the hallway?

  36. Can anyone tell me the name of the song and who sings that song in the new AT&T Commercial? The beginning is AO Lets Go!

  37. Can anyone tell me the name of the song and who sings that song in the new AT&T Commercial? The beginning is AO Lets Go!

  38. Well, first off, tha name of the band is Cars, and the name of the song is “Here in my Car.” The fact that Gary Numan was involved is really irrelevant. Using either will find you the song on something such as KaZaA or WinMX.

    Secondly, I need to know the techno song from the new H2 commercial airing this summer, just saw it today and I’m hooked. Prepped with the VCR an’ all.

    PLEASE tell me that name to that song and I will offer unlimited sexual favors, all genders may apply.

  39. Does anybody know the song from the Diet Pepsi commercial? The commercial is titled ‘mud’ and features a rock band onstage, singing something like ‘i see the world is going crazy, im so tired of masturbating ‘ and in the crowd, covered with mud is a guy, and he sees his father next to him with a diet pepsi, and the dad goes, ‘i lost mom somewhere in the mosh pit’ and then you see ‘mom’ being tossed around on a sheet’ cut to blue screen, that says ‘pepsi. trink young’ and then ‘think’ changes to ‘drink’

    any help is greatly appreciated!! lol. thanx

  40. please help me find the song that is in the michelob light commercial where the guy looks into his hotel room and his buddy id hookin up and there is a scarf on the door handle so he sits down outside and a stewardess walks by and she invites him on for a michelob light and then she puts her scarf on the outside of her door. i love the song in it and i cant figure out the name of it, please help!!!!

  41. Good Afternoon Brian,

    The song we use in our Commercial is in titled ‘The Child Inside’ and is sung by the South African Group named ‘Qkumba Zoo.’ The Sea World commercial was filmed during the months of September through November in 2002 and it aired internationally on January 1, 2003. All of our commercial was filmed at Sea World Adventure Park Orlando, an Anheuser-Busch Adventure Park. Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks are as follows:

    Sea World

    Orlando, Florida

    San Diego, California

    San Antonio, Texas


    Busch Gardens

    Tampa Bay, Florida

    Williamsburg, Virginia


    Discovery Cove

    Orlando, Florida


    Adventure Island

    Tampa Bay, Florida


    Water Country U.S.A.

    Williamsburg, Virginia


    Sesame Place

    Langhorne, Pennsylvania

    For more information Please visit us on-line at:

  42. Hey im looking for the remix of Ella Fitzgerald’s “It dont mena a thing if it aint got that swing” featured in the new Polaroid commerical..

    thanks nate

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