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From a thread on MetaFilter, songs in commercials are becoming a phenomenon all their own — Cadillac is even becoming popular with some younger buyers due to their use of a Zepplin song in an ad.

There’re also websites that help people figure out the artists that performed songs heard in commercials. At first, I was happy to discover as there’s one song from a GMC Yukon commercial that I’m still trying to track down (the commercial featured the hulking beasts driving in choreographed circles, synchronized-swimming style).

SongTitle has an entry for “Our Day Will Come” by Ruby & The Romantics (with a link to a sound sample) for the Yukon. But, after listening, I ruled that one out. I don’t hold it against SongTitle, but I suppose they just don’t have the details for that particular commercial.

Even Volkswagen has a CD of collected songs from its commercials. Some of the more obvious ones — such as Mr. Roboto — are on there, but I may just get it to discover some new techno artists (good techo is just so hard to find these days).

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  1. I was wondering the artist and title of the song that plays in some jewelery commercial..
    ‘Im always thinking about you, but i can think of the right words to say’

  2. commercial with the girl and her mom on the roller coaster coming out as kids, song is “Time Machine” by Click Five

  3. Okay.
    In that ‘Polaroid Izone Fortune Film’ commercial or something like that back in 2002, I know what the song is. I actually just found out today and im kind of happy but im also pissed to because I first heard that song when I was in 3rd grade; that was 6 years ago. and I’ve FINALLY found it. But anyways, does anyone have a clip or anything like that of the commercial? I know its asking alot but PLEEEEEASE! it would mean alot to me if you do because I really want to see it and remember why I liked it so much, lol.

  4. Can anyone tell me the song that plays in the Spongebob Squarepants episode where Spongebob and Patrick babysit Mermaid Mans cave, and let the evil Man Ray loose. The song plays when Spongebob tickles Man Ray with the tickling belt. The only way to describe the song is “Ba da pa pa pa pa”.


  5. I want to know the name of the song that is played on a Texas Lottery commercial. I can’t remember any of the lyrics right now except “she’s my cherry pie.” It’s the commercial where the man and woman wake up in a different bed every day and he kisses his lottery ticket every morning. I don’t know if it’s just a “jingle” or a real song……

  6. I NEEEEEEED HEEEELP!!!! i HAVE TO FIND these 2 commercial songs… one is on a old Wachovia Securities commerical… it’s nothing but clean electric guitar played slowly… i think the picture is kinda brown looking with people in a pool or hot tub or SOMETHING with water in it. lol, the other one is from an Alaskan vacation commercial… it’s a woman singing, “you can find me, can find me…” “in Alaska”… it’s all these different views of Alaska… SOMEONE, PLEEAASSEEE HEEELLLPPP MEEEE!!! I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THESE SONGS FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW!!! PLZZZZ HELP!!!

  7. can someone tell me the song that is on the new
    Hybrid commercial with the lyrics…”I was made
    for you…” Love it…want to buy it…Played
    during Olymics…

  8. I haven’t heard the Texas Lott commercial but the only song I know that has “She’s my cherry pie” in the lyrics is the one by Poison w/ that title.

  9. anyone know song from latest cinemax commercial? kind of a rap beat w/ clips from bourne ultimatum, i am legend, and ocean’s thirteen

  10. The song used in the Levi’s Jeans commercial with Jennifer Love Hewitt is called “Make Her Mine” by Hipster Image.

    There’s 2 versions of the ad (that I know of) set in a split modern and 60’s era stage where she walks from one period to the other. But I don’t know if this was really banned in the US or just made for other markets. There’s endless uploads of these CM’s on YouTube.

  11. I’m back—-
    Ok, it’s been 3 years and I am still looking. I first posted in 2005-06 after hearing a neoclassical music piece so beautiful that I am still looking. It was on one of the Sharp Aquos campaign commercials, the one featuring shots of The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Rose Bowl, The Lincoln Memorial, etc. Every time I’d asked who it was, I’d get Jonathan Elias. After listening to his music, I’ll say again, I never did and still don’t think Mr. Elias did this particular piece, just doesn’t sound like his style. I now think it was done by the LA Philharmonic and Sharp just used it for that one commercial then maybe used Elias’s music for all the rest. All time I never associated the LAP with Walt Disney Concert Hall.
    I know that the world had moved on but-IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS THE ANSWER PLEASE EMAIL ME

  12. I too would like to know the name of the song from the hybrid commercial that ran during the summer Olympics with the lyrics “I was made for you” and “so many stories”.

  13. This site is great. I’m looking for the name of the song in one of Dodge Magnum or Charger commercials. Guy is cruising downa residential area and a bunch of bikers start following him in his dodge. He pulls into his driveway and looks around and the bikers are all kids on bicycles. I think the background music is ‘hair of the dog’, but it’s got some rap or something too. Please help!!!

  14. does anybody about a chevrolet commercial
    you hear opera song two young people are
    running slide between 2005 or 2006 2007

  15. Looking for a song in a perfume/cologneadvertisment. It was a guy and a girl back in some cove in some tropical water jumping off of a rock into the see through blue water.

    I believe the song had everything’s gonna be alright in it.

    If you could even recognize the ad i would appreciate it.

  16. Dose anyone know that song played on a shoe commercial(I think it’s Reebok) where everyone’s partying and theres a dj and people are jumping up and down? If you know it please post or email me @ tHAKS soooooo much in advance.

  17. It’s a car commercial with nothing but the song playing made by a woman in the late 90’s most of the song she says du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du.I would appreciate if someone give me artist and title of song.

  18. omg dose anyone noe who sings the song in the spanish jc penny’s commercial with hilary duff???!!!! i love the song buht i dnt noe who sings it nd its driving me crazy!!!!!

  19. Anyone has the answer to the post 1538?

    The same track was used in Garnier fructis ad in Canada on global tv….

    name please :D

  20. whats the song from the new 7 up commercial? they changed the lyrics but kept the tune, its an old song i just cant remember the name

  21. I’m almost positive that the Countrytime Lemonade song with the early 1900s sound is “Yesterdays” a song from 1933 composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics written by Otto Harbach. I noticed the similar sound when I heard Carmen McRae Sing the song on Carmen McRae Sings Great American Songwriters. In the commercial a man is singing but I can’t find out who he is.

  22. Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the iHome Studio Series commercial? It is the one with the blonde chick with a man’s voice.


  24. Can anyone tell me the name of the jazz artist or group that’s been featured in the AARP, and the kohls mini golf commercial? it has a bossanova groove. I would like to use it in a future ballroom competition. thanxs.

  25. Anyone know the name of the classical piece that is being used in a recent Era Laundry Detergent commercial?

  26. Does any one know the name and artist for the Verizon commercial featuring Susie’s Lemonade? Is it the same music with the old couple speeding in the desert in a 56, 57 Cadillac?

  27. Hi Nancy Taylor,

    The Verizon song in “susies lemonade” is I WANT CANDY by Bow wow wow. 80’s girl band!

    Please, anyone, new citibank commerical with the word ocean in it. Caught my ear when I heard 5 seconds of the ad…. Help!!!!! Anyone know?

  28. Hi does anyone know the song for SAAB 900 Convertible Commercial Aus. ’95 commercial? I’ve been searching for it for ages now.

    P.S. if you search for “SAAB 900 Convertible Commercial Aus. ’95” on youtube you’ll get to view the ad.

  29. Does anyone know who they singer is in the current Volkswagen Jetta ad? It’s credited to Five Stairsteps somewhere, but it’s not them. (They did the original doowop version.)

  30. Does anyone know who they female singer is in the current Volkswagen Jetta baby ad? It’s credited to Five Stairsteps somewhere, but it’s not them. (They did the original doowop version.)

  31. I’m trying to track down a song that I used to hear played on a Countrytime Lemonade. I believe that the first word in the song is “Memories” and that the very last ones were, “Do you ever think of me?”

  32. Does anyone know the song from a old cartoon network commercial where is had birds in the background and had a peaceful vibe to the song?

  33. Does anyone know the song that plays in the real cost “school dance” anti smoking commercial??

  34. old Cingular/ATT tv commercial…had funky instrumental guitar, sounded like Daptone Records-kinda fun. Probably 10-15 years ago. Racking my brain can’t remember whom it was.

  35. Looking for the artist & song title of a verizon commercial played around summer of 2016 it is an old 1980’s new wave song.anyone have a clue ?

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