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From a thread on MetaFilter, songs in commercials are becoming a phenomenon all their own — Cadillac is even becoming popular with some younger buyers due to their use of a Zepplin song in an ad.

There’re also websites that help people figure out the artists that performed songs heard in commercials. At first, I was happy to discover as there’s one song from a GMC Yukon commercial that I’m still trying to track down (the commercial featured the hulking beasts driving in choreographed circles, synchronized-swimming style).

SongTitle has an entry for “Our Day Will Come” by Ruby & The Romantics (with a link to a sound sample) for the Yukon. But, after listening, I ruled that one out. I don’t hold it against SongTitle, but I suppose they just don’t have the details for that particular commercial.

Even Volkswagen has a CD of collected songs from its commercials. Some of the more obvious ones — such as Mr. Roboto — are on there, but I may just get it to discover some new techno artists (good techo is just so hard to find these days).

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  1. anyone on pepsi commercials with the italiens talking i would love to know the song or music in background!

  2. I’m trying to find a song for a nintendo gameboy commercial. It was aired a few months ago and it was a country techno kind of song. I’m sorry thats all i can say about it. I think either it was a marion commercial or a nintendo commercial, but i know it was a gameboy. So a tehcno song with a guy (like a teller) singing. Can you guys help me out??

  3. Oh and also this song is in the movie “Guess Who” starring ashton kutcher, its the song when they are racing go karts. That song if you know what im talking about??

  4. Hey does anyone know what artist does the song in the newest GMC commercial? The commercial shows the blue prints of the car with a voice over and it has piano music instrumental in the backround. What artist is it? HELP!!Thanks!!

  5. The song from the jaguar commercial is “Hardcore Days, Softcore Nights” by Aqueduct. Also, an FYI to other posts, Easy (from the Levi’s commercial) played by Faith No More is a cover of the Commodores (Lionel Richie) version.

  6. does anyno tha name of the song in tha commerical for tha movie garden state it was aired a couple of months ago and tha name of tha song in tha new jcpenny commerical w/ all tha kids dancin

  7. GAAAAH! I can not believe how clueless some of you are!!! For example: Gary Numan’s song was “Cars” and the band “The Cars” have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. You’re one of those idiots who completely mis-tags things and drops them on Kazaa, aren’t you? Please, look up your song questions on or simply google it. There are people who know a lot more than the bad advice you’re getting on this thread.

  8. Anyone know what the song is in the new Jaguar S-Type commercial?


    “Don’t ever ask me where I go,
    Just thought I oughtta let you know…”

  9. I am looking for a the title and artist of a song from a downy commercial, I think it is a new commercial, the song is very old, and has the lyric “apple of my eye” Help would be greatly appreciated

  10. Does anyone know the song on the newest carnival cruise commercial? I think it’s carnival, but maybe not. I think the song is saying here comes Johnny red. Something like that anyway. It has the same kind of beat as the Jet song “Are You Gonna Be My Girl.”

  11. Does anyone know the name of the song on the GMC commercial where there are cars and engine parts falling in a field? I can’t remember the specific car being advertised, but the commercial is definitely GMC. It sounds like a techno song.

  12. theres a nickelodeon comercial of spongebob squeare pants that plays a really good song, come kind of chillout or lounge type of music y would like to know the title and the artist

  13. Has anyone seen the new Toyota ad that has various passengers going in and out of the passenger seat? I am trying to find out who did the music for this. It’s definitely one of the best I’ve heard in quite some time. If anyone has information, please let me know!!

  14. I’m looking for the name of a song from an auto (Ford?) commercial around the late 1970s that went something like “You look so good, baby whatever you wear. Summer, spring, honey, anything. Winter, fall, anything at all. You can’t hide the you, you’ve got inside”. Any help would be appreciated.

  15. 1130- jeff- the song in the diet coke commercial where the guy goes around his apartment and then finally gets dressed into his suit is
    “Way You Move” by Bodyrockers

  16. Please help me!! im looking for the song in spongebob squeare pants commercial were sponge bob appears walking on the street and anounsments on the back of himself, its some kind of lounge or chillout kind of music nothing to do with spongebob

  17. On the Dodge website
    Click on “Unleash Charger”…page opens with this song playing…

    …song lyrics are:

    You leave home in the morning,
    You don’t come back until night,
    You don’t cook me no food,
    But I’m glad that you treat me right,
    You’re gonna need,
    You’re gonna need my help I said…

    Anyone know what song that is?

  18. Please help… there’s a new (or more recent) Cingular Wireless commercial that plays a lot now… I don’t exactly remember what’s going in the commercial, just that a guy is driving past houses. But it sounds like an old song playing, and some of the lyrics are “on the road from Nazareth…. just needed a place to go, where I could lay my head”. I’ve tried looking on google, but I can’t find the song title! Does anyone know what this song is called!? If you do, please reply… my email address is (the “o” in southern is a zero)… thanks so much!

  19. Hi, guys i need some help im looking for the background music from the new 2005 molson commercial its the one were the black guy says “ok listen your a all star QB i know but play along” and then it cuts to some girl and she says “im really mad at my boy friend”. if someone knows the some email me at


  20. Does anyone know the theme song for the show, So you think you can dancs? I know that it’s not a commercial but I have been looking everywhere for the title & artist. Thanks so much

  21. hi, Does anyone the title and author of the newest Smirnoff beer commercial (2005)… with the cool bass… it’s where the man says “this is my home, and this is my pride and joy *opens the frig* and ends up outside with his buddy.

  22. Does anyone know the tune from the Burger King commercial where the burger boy is jumping up and down to a rap lyric?

  23. looking for the name of the song or the rap group performing in the Verizon commercial that starts with the woman dancing in the kitchen, the guy in the tub, etc. ????

  24. Bonnie-I’ve been looking for that one too, but to no avail. Good luck with the hunt, or hopefully someone comes up with it.


  25. Does anyone know the song title to the an july/august jc penney commercial, it sounds like a hip hop song, there are a lot of teens dancing, but I can’t understand it.

  26. Does anybody know if the song in the new Diet Pepsi Lime commercial is real? It’s the one where the people are waiting at the bus stop and are swaying in front of the ocean mural. I’d like to know what that song is called and who it is by. Thanks.

  27. leonardo, you might be thinking of the rap group, “Black Sheep.” The song is old and I don’t remember the name, but the chorus goes, “…you can get with this or you can get with that…the choice is your’s…” Hope that’s the one you’re looking for!

  28. Very recent KIA Spectra Ad has a song with no lyrics, the song and lyrics are however in an ad for shampoo I beleive…kind of sounds like collective soul…

    saying something to the effect of, world starts something….you’ve got to get out….

    any help would be appreciated, i have seen many people ask this question and no one has answered it

    By the way, someone asked about Garden State, that song is by Frou Frou

  29. the napster commercial with the guy sitting in his office chair playing songs, with the person with the cast, im sure uve seen it. well i would like to know if anyone knows the song he plays when that guy asks him to smell his cast and the one when that girl is walking towards him (not get back the one before it)?

  30. Can any1 tell me the name of the song in the coke commercial with the ariel view of the ppl running into the outline of a glass?

  31. The song in the diet pepsi/coke commercial where the guy is in front of the mural @ the busstop with the bubbles is called Way Of Light by the Gift Of Gab.
    Enjoy, its a classic.

  32. the napster commercial with the guy sitting in his office chair playing songs, with the person with the cast, im sure uve seen it. well i would like to know if anyone knows the song he plays when that guy asks him to smell his cast and the one when that girl is walking towards him (not get back the one before it)?

  33. DDUBLE, thanks for the info…been racking some time trying to find that one.

    Bonnie, you got it????


  34. to answer #1132 about the m&m’s its iron and wine doing a cover of a postal service song called “Such great heights”

  35. DanP had asked: “I’m looking for this song, it’s from a Verizon Broadband commercial where people are at a rap concert and then you see a lady in a kitchen in the middle of the concert dancing along to the tune, then a dude in a bathtub rocking out to the song…it’s about broadband allowing you to download as if you were there…”

    I found out the group’s name!

    The group is “Ddubble Impactt”.

    Here is their web site:

    I don’t know which song is on the Verizon commercial. But here are a list of tracks from their web site:


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