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From a thread on MetaFilter, songs in commercials are becoming a phenomenon all their own — Cadillac is even becoming popular with some younger buyers due to their use of a Zepplin song in an ad.

There’re also websites that help people figure out the artists that performed songs heard in commercials. At first, I was happy to discover as there’s one song from a GMC Yukon commercial that I’m still trying to track down (the commercial featured the hulking beasts driving in choreographed circles, synchronized-swimming style).

SongTitle has an entry for “Our Day Will Come” by Ruby & The Romantics (with a link to a sound sample) for the Yukon. But, after listening, I ruled that one out. I don’t hold it against SongTitle, but I suppose they just don’t have the details for that particular commercial.

Even Volkswagen has a CD of collected songs from its commercials. Some of the more obvious ones — such as Mr. Roboto — are on there, but I may just get it to discover some new techno artists (good techo is just so hard to find these days).

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  1. Commercial: Payless Shoes
    Date: Recent, past month or so

    It’s the commercial with a girl getting ready for a date, and her date is short, so we wears flats instead of heels.

    I believe the lyrics are something along the lines of “We’re getting down, you’re looking alright. Infact you’re looking too tight.”

    If anybody knows what song this is, it would be awesome to know.

  2. the napster commercial with the guy sitting in his office chair playing songs, with the person with the cast, im sure uve seen it. well i would like to know if anyone knows the song he plays when that guy asks him to smell his cast and the one when that girl is walking towards him (not get back the one before it)?

  3. Hey, does anyone know the song played in this commercial? There are two guys sitting in chairs on a sidewalk, one black and one white. The black guy is holding this giant golden cellphone, presses a button, and music starts to play. Then, a mailman comes over and starts dancing. The black guy takes out a remote, clicks it, and the mailman turns into a young, skimpy dressed girl dancing. I think the company it’s advertising is Verizon, but I’m not sure. And I couldn’t catch any words except “you” and that doesn’t help me out much. It sounded like a really high-pitched guy singing. Does anyone recognize this?

  4. Does anyone know the techno song from the chinese chevy cobalt commercial with the guy driving the car and being chased by dogs?

  5. The song with the violins (it’s really trance) in the back of the hyundai sonata (or volvo, not sure) commercial is andreas johnson- glorious

    ok someone asked about it forever ago in this bulletin but i saw it randomly and i thought id answer- if you sample it on amazon its the wrong mix, but you can kind of hear it at the end

  6. Here’s a challenging one! Anybody knows the techno track being played in the garnier skinlite commercials . There are no wordings jst the music really like it…. thanks in anticipation

  7. Does anybody know what that song is in cartoon network, it plays during the commercial and all they say is oohh, ohhhhh.. and the video clip on MTV looks like there are like a lot of people gathered together and reading a comic, I think the song starts with a K.

  8. Does anyone know the name of the song in the cruise line commercial? It’s from the 50’s or 60’s and has the words sailing …. ships….


  9. theres a song on a new car commercial..i think its chevy..and it sounds like techno kinda..and all i hear are the words MUSIC REVOLUTION..i REALLLYYY wana know wat song it is, ne one can help???


  10. Hey, does anybody know the name of that bluesy song that was playing during the GM Professional Grade Trucks commercial that aired on NFL Opening Night last thursday. There was a 15 second run of it, all instrumental, before they showed the Truck breaking through the GM logo or someting and then changed the song to a more faster paced one just before the end of the commercial. It was really groovy, and I was hoping somebody would know the name. Does anybody know the song I’m talking about?

  11. does anyone know the song in the commercial for, ithink it’s levis, and the guy is throwing rocks at windows and a girl comes to each but theno nthe 3rd window a old woman comes to it and thats the woman hes looking for cause she owns the laundromat. and when they go into the laundromat the guy gets his pair of jeans from the dryer. whats the song inthe background throughout the commercial??

  12. I’ve just caught a GMC commercial for the second time that shows a truck being built in the factory by robotic equipment. There are a few lines of what I think may be an Aaron Neville song, with percussion and acoustic guitar in the background. If it’s him, it’s not his typical style of music, but it’s very nice. If anyone catches this and knows the song, please let me know here. Thanks!

  13. This is kinda late but what’s the song to this bank commercial on NBC during the 2004 Athens Olympics? It’s like this oldies song where they show like scenes from the olympics of the past. It starts out with this guy firing a gun to signal the start of a race.

  14. does anyone know that song they play in that commercial with the extreme sports, like the handstand people on treadmills or catapulted people in football goals? thanks

  15. I’m looking for the artist and song title for the new Chevy HH2 commercial as well as the Xerox commercial with the girl painting in an apartment. I’d love to find these deeply funky tunes. Thanks.

  16. I’m looking for two songs rotating on Spike & Comedy Central channels. First one is for Wrangler Jeans and has the words something like “we’re going fast…..” and ends in “I’ll be running…” sort of sounds like Urge Overkill…kinda boogie-70′-grungy-post punkish. The 2nd song is from H.H.R. or is it H.N.R. something like that is flashed at the end of the commercial. I don’t even know what it’s selling! But the commercial is pretty new (I’ve just started seeing it last week) and it has all these Kaleidoscope-like pictures all psychedelic..the song starts with a heavy bass and semi-electronic-synth, then goes into warping morph (the pictures tunnel in acid-trippy)to a 60’s psyche-pop sounding song. Very catchy & melodic. The band sounds like an indie-pop/post punk/60-70’s garage band. Will post more on it when I see it again. It was rotated alot last nite on Com.Central. Problem is, it’s so filled with acidic images I can’t tell what the commercial is for as it’s ending with the large initals ends Very fast…

    Odd note, the commercials with the cars getting trashed (two almost identical ones, the new one have a black man instead) in a wrecking yard… The first one with the guy with wrinkled face, helmet and dark shades in a leather jacket smashing in a car, running over it & totaling it w/wrecking truck etc looks ALOT like Rudy Martinez AKA Question Mark “? & The Mysterians”! The song with this guy is a trashy garage rock number, fitting for Rudy. 96 Tears and other Mysterians songs are TV/Movie staples…

  17. In response to Lilirith’s inquiry: that song is “Dare” by the animated Gorillaz on their Demon Days album. Actually, that is one of my favorites songs on the cd.

  18. I have one: what’s the song from the special k commercial where the girl goes in the dressing room and her hair starts to fly and she starts to pose too. I can’t really understand the lyrics

  19. the napster commercial with the guy sitting in his office chair playing songs, with the person with the cast, im sure uve seen it. well i would like to know if anyone knows the song he plays when that guy asks him to smell his cast and the one when that girl is walking towards him (not get back the one before it)?

  20. Need to know if anyone knows the name of the song from the new suzuki commercial. It kinda sounds like “stayin alive” but with a funkier beat.

  21. Hey Veroniqua{#60}, I know it’s 2 years since your post so I hope you still check in..The song from the Volkswagon commercial is ONE MILLION MILES I dont remember the techno artist name but the cd cover has a floating cowboy on it. This guy is great because another song THE 6TH DAY is a hard to find cut from some skateboarding movie. I loved that VW ad it’s like new age opera.This song makes me cry and it was really really hard to find- my friend got it from NABSTER before the scandal and when burning cds was “a new frontier”. I just hope you see this post.

  22. Would anyone happen to know where I can find the song from the Napster commercial (the one about unlimited access to 1,000,000 songs and a guy sitting at his desk playing a bunch of different songs) that just has these ladies singing “Shutup, just shutup”. That song just made me laugh too much and I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  23. I’d also really like to know the name of the band that covered “California Girls” in that cotton commercial. I can’t find it for the life of me.

  24. There are two songs that were used in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse Trailers (One the official theatrical version, Papa Roach “Not listening”) that I had a hard time trying to find out who had performed them. I already found out who did the song for the theatrical trailer as mentioned above. But I UTTERLY CANNOT FIND WHO perofmed this odd sounding Instrumental HARD ROCK song in the Longer version of the “Cinemax RE:A Trailer”, after Alice drives into the church and cries “Move!” It sounds pretty cool and I cannot find out who performed it. Can someone, if anyone has seen this trailer on CINEMAX before JULY 2ND and during this date, tell me? Or is it some odd composed piece made up by Cinemax?

  25. For FAMP:

    The song in the Special K commercial is by a band from my hometown. Collective Soul. The song is called Better Now.

  26. This site is frustrating. I searched on google for the new Target commerical with the woman singing “of all the things, I had in mind…” and a psting from this site came up. But when I looked at postings from the last couple months, it was no where to be found. If the response is on here somewhere, I would greatly appreciate someone directing my attention to it. Thanks!

  27. What is the name of the song with the lyrics:

    “She’s so high, high above me,
    Like leonardo or aphrodite…”

    I tried searching, got nothing…just want the proper name of the song. Thanks.

  28. Erm, Am I being ignored? Because my question above still stands open like a wound. It’s still bothering that nobody’s answered me. If you don’t know what I am talking about go to http://wwHBO.COM and search for “Reisdent Evil Apocalpyse” and they’ll possibly have a quicktime/realplayer (Labeled as a new preview, I think) preview of the trailer I explained above that has the song in it. If you know otherwise, then tell me.

  29. “Whats the song on the suzuki commercial where the guy leaves his house and jumps off a cliff?”

    I really want this song too. I hope sombody knows.

  30. hey i really want to know the song from the Suzuki commercial of the one where the guy leaves his house and then jumps off the cliff and then gets into his car. whats the song?

  31. hey guys if you’re looking for that sweet song from the Suzuki car commercial where the guy jumps off the cliff, it is…
    band: Mooney Suzuki
    song:alive and amplified

  32. Hey everyone, I’ve been looking for awhile to find the techno song played in the current asian tv commercial for Chevy Cobalt – the one where the car is chased into an alley by a pack of dogs. Anyone know the song title or who the girl/band is???? I can’t seem to dig it up anywhere!

  33. heyy does any one know where i can get a mp3 for that mentos commercial where the birds are tweeting and the parrot syas theres no sugar!? thx

  34. i was wondering if anyone knows the name of the song in the new cobalt commercial. the one when they are in the garage parking lot


    Does anyone know what song is in the Pontiac new release party commercial? Its on TV and the radio. Its got like this girl singing- one part she says, “come and get it baby”

    Any help?!?!?!?

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